Here are a few of our favorite Wycliffe videos!

Your Prayers Help People Get the Bible

We often underestimate the power of prayer to change the world around us. But as the examples in this video show, our prayers can help change people’s lives in significant ways. And just by praying, you can help people get a Bible translation in their language.
This video tells the story of five-year-old Sam, whose faith and persistent prayers helped the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island get a Bible translation started. And it tells how a Juni man became a Christian, and later a Bible translator for his own language, through the faithful prayers of several people.

Your Prayers Help People Get the Bible from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

Portrait of Bible Translation

Bible translation takes more than just Bible translators. It’s a team effort, and many service roles are in areas you would probably never expect. Watch this video to find out how God can use you to reach people with the Bible!

Portrait of Bible Translation from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

Why Bible Translation

Learn how the Bible transforms people’s lives when it’s written in a language they can clearly understand, and discover how many language groups are still waiting for their own translation.

Why Bible Translation from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

The Road to Transformation

Translation teams exercise great care in the rigorous and complicated process to translate God’s Word into a language that doesn’t yet have it. Watch an overview of the tasks involved, and learn how each project presents unique challenges and incredible rewards.  Learn more here:

The Road to Transformation from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

Translating for Understanding

Fictional characters Christy and Kaiya work through a difficult Bible translation challenge. When cultural perspective changes the meaning of Scripture, the translation team has to work harder to make sure the translation communicates the true message of spiritual freedom God intended.  Learn more about the translation process at

Translating for Understanding from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

The Need is Great

The need for Bible translation is great with over 300 million people without Scripture in their heart language.

The Need is Great from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

The Strangest Place

Literacy, Cultural Preservation, health and other social justice issues are being impacted by Bible translation.

The Strangest Place from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

Need for Deaf Translators

“Deaf people don’t understand things from a hearing person’s perspective.”

Hundreds of signed languages around the world don’t have God’s Word. See how the Bible comes alive for Deaf people in El Salvador when it’s translated into their language for the first time.  Get involved at

Need for Deaf Translators from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

The Bible in Every Tongue: A ‘God-Sized’ Mission

Amber and Terrill Schrock are part of an ambitious mission by Wycliffe Bible Translators to translate the gospel into hundreds of remaining languages.

The Bible in Every Tongue: A ‘God-Sized’ Mission from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.