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    As we celebrate the milestone of translated Scripture, we celebrate that God is accomplishing His mission through His power and through partnership. More mission organizations, churches, and Christian communities are becoming involved in the Bible Translation movement. There is known active translation and/or linguistic development happening in 2,659 languages across more than 170 countries.
    Because of improved accuracy in collecting information from around the world about Bible translation needs, and other factors, the number of estimated translation needs worldwide has increased. As of October 1, 2018, over 180 million people, using 1,879 spoken languages and 284 sign languages, are likely to need some form of Bible translation to begin.
    Translation need is not as simple as determining which languages do or do not have Scripture. Most of the languages with only “some Scripture” are in need of more, and even full Bibles undergo revisions from time to time. Find out more in the FAQ sheet. (http://bit.ly/2018-bt-stat-faq)

Scripture & Language Statistics 2018

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